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How to Get Along with Anyone: Wisdom Teachings of the Greatest Influencers

With increasing levels of stress and workplace dissatisfaction, it is more important than ever to have fulfilling connection with colleagues and peaceful interaction with customers. Many influencers, however, are regularly irritated with colleagues and customers, often experiencing daily friction and major conflict, all leading to less productivity, more absenteeism, health issues and employee turnover. The result is that influence offered is minimal and positive change comes to a halt.

In this inspiring and enlightening presentation participants will:
• Understand the root cause of their resistance to others.
• Learn ancient wisdom practices to release resistance to others and authentically connect.
• Learn the foundational steps the world’s greatest positive influencers use to cope with the during and after of stressful interactions with others, returning to work and home with full presence and renewed enthusiasm.

Turning Blame into Bridges: How to Influence Positive Change Without Pointing Fingers

While there are many factors that contribute to a toxic work environment, few are as damaging as colleagues who consistently blame other people and circumstances. What would organizations be like if blame was replaced with a pro-active, heart-centred approach that builds bridges, increasing workplace satisfaction and productivity? What if employees could move quickly and effortlessly across the bridge instead of waiting for it to be built by someone else?

In this humorous approach to a heavy challenge, participants will:
• Understand different forms of blame and their personal “blame” pattern
• Understand why they blame and learn ancient wisdom tools to turn blame into bridges
• Learn to work effectively with The Blamer to create positive change

Unshakeable: How Influencers Can Stay Present and Calm

In fast-paced environments where workloads are endless and time is of the essence, leaders are craving a way to escape feelings of stress and overwhelm. In this dynamic and light-hearted presentation, learn little-known yet highly impactful ancient wisdom tools to create harmony and well-being for individuals and teams.
Participants will:
• Understand the root cause of stress and overwhelm.
• Be exposed to ancient wisdom practices that promote harmony, wellbeing and fulfillment.
• Experience The Mindfulness Map: a simple path to stay present and turn chaos into calm.

The Tao of Influence: How to Create Lasting Change from the Inside Out

In today’s political and economic climate, people are losing faith in organizations’ and leaders’ capacity to influence and create positive change; they crave a new form of influence that is not sustained by fear or greed. This is the driving force behind Karen’s upcoming book, The Tao of Influence, which shares the four pillars of influence leaders can use to create lasting positive change within themselves and their organizations. These pillars are: Power, Presence, Purpose and Possibility.
In this dynamic and high-voltage presentation, participants will:
• Understand what it takes to ignite meaningful, lasting change and how to be a spark for this change.
• Learn tools to master their mindset and shed beliefs that stop them from having impact and influence (at any level of the organization, community or family).
• Experience the ancient wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, considered one of the wisest texts ever written (4000 years ago by Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu) and how to implement its simple yet profound teachings to become a wise, powerful influencer.