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Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Unshakeable: How Influencers Stay Present and Calm Through Chaos

Karen will reveal the results of extensive interviews with Influencers and the ancient wisdom teachings adopted by these Influencers to inspire audiences to move from chaos to calm and make space for real influence and lasting change to occur. Among powerful stories that have audiences laughing and crying and everything in between, Karen shares a Mindfulness Roadmap to live a life of impact and influence.

The Tao of Influence: How to Create Lasting Change from the Inside Out

In today’s political and economic climate, people are losing faith in organizations’ and leaders’ capacity to influence and create positive change; they crave a new form of influence that is not sustained by fear or greed. This is the driving force behind Karen’s upcoming book, The Tao of Influence, which shares the four pillars of influence leaders can use to create lasting positive change within themselves and their organizations. These pillars are: Power, Presence, Purpose and Possibility. Learn the ancient wisdom contained in the Tao Te Ching, considered one of the wisest texts ever written (4000 years ago by Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu) and how to implement its simple yet profound teachings to become a wise, powerful influencer.

How to Get Along with Anyone: Wisdom Teachings of the Greatest Influencers

In this entertaining keynote, Karen tackles one of most challenging aspects of company culture: the ability to get along and create positive change for the good of all. It’s not impossible, and through the wisdom teachings Karen shares from her book, The Tao of Influence, audiences recognize their own role in relationship conflict and laugh at themselves as they understand the real problem and learn the simple yet profound solution.

Tailored for Your Audience or Members

“Karen totally engaged them with her stories and examples and the depth and breadth of her knowledge. Our audiences simpley adored her.”

– Roger Killen: TEDx Stanley Park producer and Vancouver Business Network organizer