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In this talk, Karen McGregor shows men and women both personally and professionally how to have more easeful, authentic relationships by recognizing and understanding power dynamics in themselves and others. Attendees are shown how to master challenging interactions while remaining productive and peaceful.

Karen shares her proprietary 3-step process for identifying and addressing the source of triggering thoughts and emotions, regardless of people and circumstances involved.

Your attendees will learn how to:

  • Use the three steps to go from “agitated to peaceful”.
  • Improve their ability to remain detached from conflict (without checking out).
  • Increase compassion while retaining boundaries.
  • Navigate all relationships with greater ease.

In this talk, Karen McGregor shows sales professionals and entrepreneurs how to improve results with even the most challenging potential customers, while receiving the added bonus of better long-term relationships in both business and life. 

Drawing on real life relationship challenges in business and sales, Karen shares four power pattern archetypes that determine our thoughts, behaviors, and decisions in times of stress or conflict. She then demonstrates how to use this self and other awareness to create more effective, easeful, and enjoyable sales interactions.

Your attendees will learn how to:

  • Overcome the stress and potential conflict of selling to difficult people. 
  • Develop a process to increase sales while decreasing customer resistance to sales.
  • Powerfully connect to any group you present to while still being yourself.
  • Improve results with long-term sales relationships and high-end selling.

In this talk, Karen McGregor shows attendees how to transition from having no big ideas to creating a stream of innovative solutions, products, and services. Karen gives attendees a chance to look deeply at the real cause of creative flatlining, and moreover, what to do about it.

As a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and entrepreneur, Karen shares a practical, no-fluff process for accessing creative power, plus a 3-step system to get out of a creative slump.

Your attendees will learn how to:

  • Use the 3-step system to contribute to company innovation.
  • Build an environment internally and externally that nurtures innovation.
  • Identify creative blocks in self and others and know how to remove them.
  • Distinguish between force and flow when bringing ideas into form.


    Tailored for Your Audience or Members

    “Karen totally engaged them with her stories and examples and the depth and breadth of her knowledge. Our audiences simpley adored her.”

    – Roger Killen: TEDx Stanley Park producer and Vancouver Business Network organizer