On any given day we are all participating in a lie. 

As brutal as that sounds – it’s the truth. Every day, we get dragged into a version of truth that is someone’s perception of what went down. 

As powerful influencers, it’s critical to listen. The key is not getting dragged into believing that everything we hear is the truth. This is because there is only one truth that exists.

One truth that is eternal and unchanging.

And that truth is called Universal Truth.

These truths are natural laws designed to help humans find the peace and harmony within. 

Here are three of those universal truths to use in your everyday life.

Universal Truth #1: The Law of Change

Nothing in life stays the same. 

Did you know that humans are the only species that resist change? We believe that change should not happen.

When we resist change, our personal truth – the one that we create – infects our minds. Resisting this fundamental law causes us to suffer.

We turn our blame outwards. We complain. We feel sadness, anger. We point fingers at outside forces.

All because we don’t want to accept the Law of Change.

But did you know that our ability to positively impact others is dramatically heightened when we accept and work with the Law of Change versus our personal truths?

Think about it: Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Gandhi have served at the highest level for the good of all by adhering to the Law of Change.

They all listened to a deeper calling to set forth on a path that would change the course of humanity. They acted on inner guidance to accept the Law of Change.

And by doing this, they influenced the world forever.

Universal Truth #2: The Law of Releasing and Letting Go

Nature is constantly releasing the old to make way for the new. There is a constant cycle – a cycle of birth and death, decay and renewal.

Humans, though, tend to overlook the magnificent role the Law of Letting Go plays in shaping our universe.

In nature, plants that hold on to dead or dying flowers have less energy than those that quickly let go of flowers that have completed their life cycle. 

A plant’s energy is revived when the old has been released. 

Energy does not grow old.

It just gets blocked by our continual resistance to letting go

When we hold onto an old grievance or negative thought, it throws us off balance. It lessens our life force. Don’t let these negative thoughts control you (in fact, check out my blog post on how to deal with these controlling thoughts as well as other peoples’ controlling thoughts).

Control your thoughts, and don’t get hung up on certain thoughts. 


Because we develop the belief that, If I let go, then I have lost.

This is simply not true.

By resisting the Law of Letting Go, we avoid looking at the illusions we’ve built our lives on; the biggest of which is: 

“There must be something wrong with me if I have to release and let go of something that was once so good. I must have made a mistake that proves I’m unworthy.” 

We hang on to our baggage and begin to search for answers as to why we are unhappy. 

Typically, we blame others. And this becomes our personal truth, which can erode relationships and bring about negative thinking. I talk more about moving from personal truth to Universal Truth here.

Universal Truth #3: The Law of the Impersonal

Nature gives, and nature destroys. It does not hold anyone or anything as special. It doesn’t protect people. 

Humans, on the other hand, take every act and thought personally. They cannot exist in an impersonal world. This is why we suffer.

Humans often dwell on the same questions over and over: Why did this have to happen in my family? Why are we cursed and others are so blessed? 

When this happens, it brings about negative thoughts. We give up on spirituality. We stop helping others. 

Our positive influence stops.

We become the perpetual victim. We often become full of rage. We can hurt others with our words or actions.

When I’m speaking or guiding budding entrepreneurs and professionals to share their message and sell their products, I remind them of one thing:

In business, the best type of mindset to have is to learn to expect and accept challenges as they arise. 

This creates a foundation for acceptance of natural laws.

It’s not if those challenges will happen, it’s when. This empowers us to build a foundation to withstand challenges, not out of fear but out of love for self and others.

So, embrace these three Universal Truths.

Leave behind the traps of personal truth which often cause workplace conflict, anxiety, fear, and unhappiness. 

It’s not going to be easy – nothing worthwhile ever really is – but the rewards are substantial:

Peace, mental and emotional wellness.


Which law do you see as making a difference in your life and in being a change-maker who influences for the good of all?

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