Has been a time when your personal truth hindered your ability to create positive change?

Or when your beliefs prevented you from achieving a goal?

People say that that honesty is the best policy – and it is – but sometimes, our personal truths can get us into trouble. 

Sometimes, our personal truths can hinder our ability to grow.

Take this story, for example:

Sherry sits with her colleague Joanne over coffee. Cautiously, Sherry asks: “so what happened between you and Diane at the meeting? I could just feel the tension rising in the air!

How do you think Joanne answered this question? 

Well, in this case, Joanne decided to share the answer honestly and openly. She thinks that anything outside of this truth is an affront to her integrity as an honest and supportive co-worker.

Now, let’s look at another example:

Jim gets home and barely acknowledges his oldest son. He rushes to the couch to watch the big football game and relax after a long, stressful day at work. His son, Barry, goes to his room and slams the door out of anger for being ignored. Jim notices the loud slam and gets irritated by his son’s irrational and emotional outburst.

What is the common denominator in both scenarios? 

In both cases, each person’s own belief – personal truth – gets in the way of progress.

Joanne, Jim and Barry firmly believe their personal truth is The Truth. So do most people.

Personal Truth Isn’t Your Truth

It’s in our wiring to believe what happens to us and how we respond is our truth. I don’t agree

When you believe you are a victim of circumstances and that your environment controls your life you lack the skill of influencers and change-makers. This is the skill to have a happy, harmonious life that creates positive change on this planet. 

When I’m speaking to entrepreneurs and professionals about some of the challenges people experience in work, in life, or in relationships, I always remind them of the most powerful Universal Truths that most of the world’s best influencers live by. 

These Truths create positive change and help people live their lives with genuine excitement, harmony and fulfillment. I go into what these Universal Truths are here.

So what skill set do you need to experience Universal Truth?

To experience Universal Truth you need to first pause—pause your personal truth, and experience a different kind of truth.

Universal Truth

Universal Truth is unchanging: it has existed since the beginning of time, and will continue to exist long after we’re gone.

Universal Truth is truth with a capital T.

Universal Truth is free of human drama, opinions, and fear. It asks us to be the witness and observer of our own thoughts and perceptions.

Universal Truth has many consistent truths we should all live by:

  • Nothing in life ever stays the same
  • Change is reliable and consistent
  • Love is unconditional
  • The present moment is all that exists

If you truly want to make a positive change and influence others to do better in this world, it is time to move from personal truth to Universal Truth.

It will change your life.

Have you ever switched from the drama of a personal truth to a Universal Truth? How did it feel? How did it impact you and others?

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