Do you know what it takes to be a positive influencer in a world that is full of chaos, anxiety, and fear?

It’s not exactly easy.

For example, I travel a lot. 

At the airport, on the plane, on a cruise, in the grocery store, on a busy street and in shopping malls, I see masks everywhere. 

People are afraid to talk, afraid to breathe, afraid to connect with one another. One cough sends a chill in the air and tension in people’s bodies.

Then there are those who feel strong, healthy and confident to take on anything that may attach itself to their hands, lips, and lungs. They frown upon the mask wearers and drink their green juices, telling everyone if they had just done the right things for their bodies, they would not be in this vulnerable position in the first place and would not need to worry about any type of virus.

Whatever camp you prescribe to, the reality is that more and more people are abdicating their positive power to the virus of their mind …. fear. 

Fear of getting something they don’t want (the virus) or fear of not getting what they do want (unshakeable health or a following of people who do as they say when it comes to health and mindset).

How a Positive Influencer Can Change Our Perspective

In times of uncertainty, it is clear that an influencer can step in and make a big difference to the overall climate and to the hearts and minds of individuals who are consciously and subconsciously struggling with the unknown. A positive influencer does this by accepting and enforcing change. This is called the Law of Change, and it has a big impact on how we can positively impact others (learn more about it here).

Here are 5 recommendations to remain and enhance your influence and impact for your family, community and globally.

1. Be the Change You Wish to See In the World

In the words of Gandhi, be the change you wish to see in the world

Just like parents who role-model behaviours instead of telling their children what to do, we need to role model a state of absolute calm

This doesn’t mean that we hide from global concerns or community challenges, but it does mean that we still our minds in order to create space for real solutions that are based out of a love for both self and humanity.

Whenever we choose to release fear-based thoughts and focus on what we can create now, we will positively impact others. 

2. Allow Others to Do as They Choose and Be Where They Are at in Life

Acceptance is foundational to influence

No one changes because someone else has judged them. People change their thoughts and behaviors because they are inspired to do so

That being said, inspiration cannot blossom in the face of judgement. Let go of your need to be right about others and the way the world ought to behave. Instead, see if you can fully be present to where people are at this moment. 

When they realize that you are not interested in changing them, they will have the space to witness how you are being and begin to listen deeply to your words. 

3. Step Back and Observe 

If you have a strong urge to fix situations and rescue people from their fear, step back and observe

Do you desire to change someone or something so that you can feel better about yourself or the situation at hand? Or are you detached from the outcome, supporting others from a place of love? 

When you are honest with your motives, and release your preferences around the outcome of your efforts and even your thoughts about how things should be, you have the opportunity to influence on a much bigger scale. 

People who are influenced by a fixer will inevitably fall into a victim role. If you want to be a positive influencer, you cannot be the fixer, as victims rarely rise above their circumstances; they just keep receiving a temporary bandage for an ongoing wound.

Fixers get a temporary high but are frustrated by the victim because they are attached to the victim doing or acting as they say.

4. Give People Your Full Attention

When people realize that you are a solid rock, not swayed by fears and anxiety, yet not attached to others being just like you, they will begin to ask you questions and engage in conversations. 

Give people your full attention and share one thing that you deeply appreciate about them that is relevant to the conversation. 

When people know they are deeply seen, heard and appreciated, their hearts open to being shifted to higher levels of consciousness and better choices for themselves and humanity. If someone is overly quiet, be sure to reach out to them, and ask questions that show your interest in getting to know who they really are. 

If someone is overly chatty, be sure to acknowledge a positive aspect that allows them to settle into their love field, rather than a frantic field of underlying fear. Silence/withdrawal or constant chatter can both be signs of people who are living with anxiety or underlying fears. 

5. Share Your Steps

Share steps that you take daily once another person has relaxed into your presence. This share is not fixing, but rather, an invitation for those listening to consider learning from the actions and thoughts that you demonstrate. 

One of my good friends, David Wolfe, interviewed for my soon to be released book, The Tao of Influence, says that if you want to influence the world for global change, start with 10 percent, not 100 percent of your knowledge and wisdom. 

In this way, people can take that first step or learn that first piece of foundational wisdom to integrate the next piece. Incremental change is key to creating positive change on the planet.

For more information and to understand how to create a more positive impact and influence in the world while tending to your inner world and personal power, please visit and pick up a copy of my latest book, The Tao of Influence: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

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