I’ve lived for 51 years.

I like to think wisdom has touched me frequently, and it has.

But in the last 5 weeks I feel like I’ve been infused with profound insights that have transformed me from the inside out – and in so many different ways.

Insights that have transformed me as a global citizen, a mother, a traveller, and a leader. Insights that highlight how less — in all its forms — is more. 

I’ve come up with a list of 15 leadership insights that I learned from the Sacred Valley in Peru. These lessons and insights have taught me that in many situations, less is in fact more, and that being connected with the world and the people around you is one of the most beautiful ways to grow as a person.

I invite you to respond with your opinions or experiences of these lessons.

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15 Leadership Insights I Learned from the Sacred Valley in Peru

1. Want nothing. Want comes from fear. Instead of wanting things, desire things. Desire everything that touches your soul. Learn to know the difference.

2. Simplicity is Sacred. Hear it as the space in your mind. Feel it as the unfiltered experience of now.

3. Good food matters. Be present and connect with yourself, with others, and with life. Connect with everything around you.

4. Meet a new friend every day. Stop and look your new friend in the eyes and connect. Smile, be open, repeat. Have valuable, insightful conversations.

5. Instead of “What do you do?” Ask, “Who are you?”

6. Say hello and goodbye to everyone you meet. Always.

7. Don’t consume a country. Let the country consume you. Don’t check a country off your list. Let the country check your heart.

8. People who have less are not less happy. Be happy with less.

9. Do not refer to a country as undeveloped. Let the country develop your spirit, your heart.

10. Rest when needed. Listen to your body; it is in harmony with nature, and nature never lies. When your body tells you to rest, then rest.

11. Do not be consumed by your phone. Let the moment consume you.

12. Photos cannot capture now. They capture your insecurity about holding on to the past. Experience now in each moment.

13. Ancient wisdom is pure and unfiltered. Know the difference between clever and wise.

14. Talk less, hear more. Speak from the silence of your soul, listen from the silence of your heart.

15. Only love opens you to life. Do not be a tourist to your heart. Let Love Win. Everywhere. Always.

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Reflect on your own life lessons. What profound moments or insights have you learned that changed you as a person? Let me know by commenting below.

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